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Clara Lacy has a BA Hons in Illustration from Camberwell College of Art. On the morning of 6th October, we had a chance to visit her studio and talk with her about what makes her studio and to see her’s individual desk space.


Outside of the studio which Clara shares with another two artists. She admits that working with another illustrators would be good so they can see each other works but working in one creative space with designers from another field makes it really interesting and creates a dynamic mixture of works inside the creative space.

After being greeted to come inside by Clara we stepped into a really cozy open and bright studio full of colourful and different objects. It looked very personalised – on the left hand side there were lots of vogue magazines that was a stock collection of her friend that’s into fashion.


Her studio is a mixture of white painted brick walls and black wood which gives a sense of coziness and vintage.


Her individual desk was all covered in her current project materials that she is currently working on. That consisted of different animal drawings and collages.

Clara is using the white walls as canvas for pinning up materials, inspirational pieces, colour palette which is just above her individual desk space.

When talking about her creative career she explained what happens when you only start up your career which in her case was as an illustrator. Some things about experience she marked as not always getting to work on things she actually thinks she specialises the most such as animal illustrations. Another thing is working with the big companies. It is not always as I thought that working for big names means you get paid more than working with other ones. It appears that in Clara’s experience she got to illustrate for a well-known brand and that even they are seeking to pay as less as possible.


To sum up, the whole visit was informative and seeing the space that Clara works in was a great experience. She made the point of not to be afraid to contact people to collaborate and I’m thankful that she invited us to her studio.


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