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Handwriting study and type usage within the publishing

admin / April 25, 2016 / Visual Research and Blog

The whole last week I dedicated to study the art of calligraphy, playing with the different sizes of the pen also a thinking on the type to use for the cover of the publishing.

Books in the library were really handy as I got to know a lot of inside things such as what typography goes best with book publishing and how to decorate the letters.

These are the following books I have been looking at so far to understand what text would look best with my editorial illustrations.

  • Lettering Art in Modern Use by Raymond A. Ballinger.

Study on the thinness and thickness of a strokes, anatomically correct lettering.


  • Modern Lettering and Calligraphy by Rathbone Holme and Kathleen M. Fros

Ruari McLean’s study on the usage of handwritten and typewritten letters within the context of the book.


  • The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques by Diana Hardy Wilson

‘The calligrapher as artist makes statements and shares perceptions, celebrating the opportunity to use both words and images.’ Study on the calligrams and decorated letters to help me out within the process of playing with story’s page words and letters.


  • The Picture Book. Contemporary Illustration by Angus Hyland

Studying the layouts how illustrations are placed within pages and getting inspired by talented artists combined into one amazing book.


The process of playing around the text. Later on these will be scanned and processed within the colour alternatives and placement within the publishing.


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