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Body as a moving story

admin / April 12, 2016 / Visual Research and Blog

FMP focus is based on the body and mind, looking at the light source to project the story of changing and going through different stages of emotions or actions.

I have been always interested in the way people look and think, also the idea of transfering into a body, an instalation. This is something I want to experiment with and work in future since whenever I go to an exhibition I look how object is set, what does it make it look and what it brings emotionally. My brief is personal reflection, telling a story through emotions but as so speaking a story of what everyone go through.

Exhibition ‘Point of Perception’, 2009 : ‘uncertainty is itself the source of most anxiety in our individual lives, and escaping it is the source of most behaviour and feeling… Within the box are hundreds of wires onto which are projected dynamic patterns of light, resulting in an illuminated wire sculpture’

At this stage I want to explore what is needed to perform a sculptured neon light body forms, to sort of create an effect of growth both phisically and emotionally as people do. My idea is to use White space or black space in a form of box that would have a lighting up one by one overlaps of figures.



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