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admin / April 25, 2016 / Visual Research and Blog

Talk received by an amazing duo Emma & Kirsty that started off together and now own the creative studio A Practice for Everyday Life. They talked about meeting first at the University where they started playing around the design challenges and outcomes together on their own terms. They worked on many interesting projects that reflect on scaling image into the life size photo (the cab picture on the wall containing lots of separate sheets/parts), gallery work on where’s ‘everything wrong’, playing with colours and symmetry.

One of their biggest work was to recreate The Hepworth Wakefield logo and the whole arrangement within the gallery. They took a risk in creating a name of the gallery straight on the wall of the building but it definitely was a success.

Throughout the whole their career they created many designs that include working with type, objects and publishings.

It was fun to listen and find what a broad amount of different design processes they have taken in and made absolutely clean, gorgeous and playful work.


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