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5 Tools Everyone In The Creative Design Industry Should Be Using

admin / April 25, 2016 / Design Competition, Visual Research and Blog

Everyday, creative designers like the fine individuals at London Metropolitan University face a diverse array of challenges in how they can communicate an idea to the letter. To satiate this incredibly demanding process, 5 students pool together their recommended tools that you should be using.

9 Breakfast Bar – Tara Robins

‘Breakfast stimulates thought process, and kickstarts extra energy to get the creative juices flowing. 9 Breakfast Bar provides high fibre and protein content and even better – is gluten free and vegan friendly! Coated in delicious Carob and packed with sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and hemp seed, this morning treat is far more preferable to scoffing down a McMuffin.’

Coffee Machine – Valerija Ivcenkova


‘Coffee helps our creative juices flowing around our brains and energy for following the briefs throughout the visual communication course. Every artist knows that coffee is an important ritual of our everyday life. This is why we cherish our coffee machine that makes a great tool within our creative design process.’

Hairstyles – 


‘Make time for a good hair day. Always. A great hairstyle reflects immensely on first impressions. Scruffy, unkept hair represents laziness and a bad attention span.’

Notebooks – Dean Morrison


‘Notebooks are a gateway to unlimited information. Whilst a computer is the perfect hive for initiating ideas, the power of being able to write down your ideas in it’s rawest, untapped sense is absolutely vital.’

Desk Space – 


‘What kind of creative would you be without a proper base of operations? Having a desk space is just as important as having an original idea.’

Of course, there are several interpretations of what constitutes a necessary tool within creative practice, and if you think we’ve missed one, please comment below!


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