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Conveying collected sketches and materials, using sketchbook as a reference drawing and painting buildings.

Using various drawing tools and techniques the aim was to create four different A3 format buildings that would combine previously seen buildings, photographs, their features, function and textures. Thinking about the scale, colour and perspectives.

DSC_0117 (1)



So I have started off within looking at different pages of my sketchbook and created 4 mini sketches first in order to bring up  and play with ideas of how I could combine all that information into four various buildings. I chose instinctively the features I liked about the buildings the most. This one above was a combination of three different buildings – two of whom I saw while the walk with the studio and the one I saw just outside studio’s window. I liked the idea of bringing up their difference together into one feature which was their static structure.


DSC_0130 (1)

This one was a combination of red bricks, the shard and was overall inspired by the modern look of the buildings combined.

DSC_0138 DSC_0136 (1) DSC_0134

This building has adapted the features and details of mainly two completely buildings. The upper detail with the circled window is the one taken from the massive block house that has this upper feature just on top of it. I combined it with the church I saw, its glorious entrance and terrace.

DSC_0200 DSC_0197

This one came out with the struggle of working out watercolours which I don’t ever normally use thus challenged myself to do something slightly different from the others. While doing it I decided to consider the mood, structure, textures of the building putting it up with the collage cut outs from the photos I took previously on.

another house-01 Снимок экрана 2015-10-19 в 23.22.58

The fifth one I have done was created via digital technique using Adobe Illustrator. My main interest is how you can combine the idea and drawings/photographs with the digital material itself and how the incorporating of it plays around. I decided to name it ‘London goes Nida’. Nida is a place back home in Lithuania where it has an amazing nature landscape of the forests and beautiful sea side. This drawing became a puzzle using photos taken from Nida for texturizing the left wall of the house and bringing up a nature doing small little bushes of it next to the house, also a sea mirroring in a window of the right wall. To create windows I have photographed details of the buildings that I took while the walk around East London with the studio class. This picture mirrors two Local Universe’s that I’m in the middle of.

This workshop was a great example of how we could proceed to use the materials we collect in order to use them for the further projects.


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