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Presentation of studio visits and spaces.

During the talk BA Graphic Design and Illustration students have been presented what studio’s we will be seeing over the course. Engaging with the creatives/studio owners, researching and documenting, asking questions and developing our own studios at the university.

‘ Q: What is the most treasured and well-used piece of equipment in your studio?

A: My head. ‘

– Alan Fletcher’s reply to a question from design students,

taken from “An Audience with Alan” 2005, a film by Patrick Baglee.

Main things to go through are studio space categorising, their inspirations, how they set up their working space and how it works for them. What are major key things they’ve done and how does their working space affects themselves.

I believe that each visit to a different creative studio spaces and communication will make a huge impact the way we work in our own set up studios and could further develop when setting our own in a near future.




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