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A talk by fine art photographer Heather McDonough on setting up a camera space and lighting for a different purpose photography.

On this Friday session 2nd of October we had a brief talk through about the photography. Before you photograph your work there must be an understanding in how you want it to be seen, how the piece of design works, how to pop the details such as brush or stitches. There is 4 different purposes to take photographs as creatives: for the digital portfolio, blog, hard copy and catalogue. Digital portfolio is a good way to show the process within design piece through images.

Photographing for blog is more about the sequence of it, techniques and show off materials. It is all about the inspirations, to showcase ‘who you are’, update/change/fluid show through photos. Also, the pictures usually do not require a strong sequence so could be a bit of mixed/random.

Hard copy and catalogues acquire taking only strongest and interesting image of an object. Sometimes you could be required to send a picture of yourself for the catalogue where background of your work would work best. It should be an excellent quality photos that would fit for print poster or website usage.

having flash makes the whole thing ‘zing’

Background + Light. When photographing 3D objects it should have a neutral background so it is easier to focus on the object only and clear show. Whilst working with environments is a bit more complicated due to keeping it the way in the photo just as it works/is in real life, for example, to retain the darkness so what helps is using low light and long exposure on a camera. Also when in need for lots of light try to play with as many angles as possible because ‘having flash makes the whole thing “zing” ‘


Overall it has been a very informative session on camera set up, creating the right space for the shoot, tips on photographing various materials and sizes.





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