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admin / February 16, 2016 / Visual Research and Blog

Comix Creatix: 100 Women Making Comics +  David Lemm: Mapping King’s Cross.

First time visiting House of Illustration galleries and definitely not the last.

Entering the southern gallery I was able to look at the simply intelligent work of creating location based work by David Lemm ‘Mapping King’s Cross’

His exhibition on ‘Mapping King’s Cross’ shows great example of shaping the area in abstract cut out forms. Work is focused on the landscapes and buildings as well as paying attention to the textures that are relevant mostly depending on what part of King’s Cross is being represented. Approach and different look at mapping is what makes it so eye catching.

Next on is the main gallery that became a temple of comics created by woman. Yes, I am talking about the exhibition of Comix Creatix: 100 Women Making Comics. 

An amazing collection of different stories told through these comics and strips. There are several rooms that are referred to a theme, for example ‘Intimate desires’ that has a collection of fun comics created by talented women artists. Some of the exhibits that caught my eye most were ‘Out with the Bitch Stink Pants’ by Brigit Deacon (2014) where you could also look through the whole book of Comma Deep, Eyeball comics. Graphic lines, bold black, negative space use and storytelling is totally a must to see.

Another extravagant and erotic comic is by Paula Russell ‘Vacances d’ete (summer holiday)’ written by Frank Charles in 1998. Drawn with ink on paper, very detail and revealing, breathing passion and feelings.

Some other work I note down to my favourites were Soppy by Philippa Rice 2014, Untitled by Laura Collagen 2015.

Another themed room was called Living Histories. Stories told through comics by artists such as Joana Estrela ‘Propaganda’, Maria Stoian ‘Take it as a compliment’ (also there’s a whole book available to look at those great colors and drawings as a whole), Lorna Miller ‘Newsfright’, Liz Lunney ‘Comic a day 2 June’. One got me really nearly laughing was the story about a bunny ’Fluffy’ by Simone Lia which is starring character bunny that believes Michael is his father but is confronted terribly with the truth in that comic scene. And lastly, ‘Panthea’ by Trina Robins made in 1969, gothic blimp works made with ink on paper and an overlay which I found detailed and looking as it was ‘in the process’ looked really raw but complete.

Exhibition lasts 5 February – 15 May 2016 and was one of my most liked exhibitions in 2016. Hope there are more amazing things to explore but this one is definitely worth to see when thinking on storytelling, theming and techniques of how many approaches there are and there’s no such ‘one type’ of work. Variety and extravagance of this exhibition is definitely inspiring.


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