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admin / October 26, 2015 / Project 2, Visual Research and Blog

Interview and a research of a person in the Local Universe.

For this task I was looking for person that would look friendly and would not stress me out too much about asking personal questions and preferably somewhere around my age. So I head to brick lane where I met lovely girl Margherita (‘ just like a pizza’ she said ) which appeared to be from the city Azizi in Italy. Margherita works at the vintage store ‘Blitz’ and I was glad she could give me some of her minutes for the interview while giving away the flyers of the shop. She lived here, in London for already 1 year and is staying at the Mile End, that meant she was living locally. When asked what she finds the most interesting about the area was that there are loads of coffee shops and its multicultural environment. As the questions have finished I had to say goodbye to her and let her work further. Thanks, Margherita!



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