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On a running series of Hothouse talk’s this time we had a talented graphic designer and artist Sarah Boris.

Sarah Boris is a commissioner, illustrator, graphic designer (and a bread lover). Her conversation was based on the work career she went through so far. Listening to her experiences in the world as a designer was absolutely relevant and interesting. Sarah started her talk followed by the first encounter of being neglected and accepted which an artist supposed to be used to as hard as it could feel to do so. Her first work experience was at the Barbican for 2.5 years which wow’ed me at first as I wish to kick start my path too soon somewhere in the jungle of designers world… Thus she mentioned that she got lucky getting there by trying the second time. Try until you succeed! It is always worth a try.

Sarah then worked at ICA. Her part was branding, creating visual identities for different organisations. Though she told that the hardest is to ‘seduce’ the curators as being new there between already based designers there for a long time, she eventually got her spot in their hearts. A fun project presented ‘Adopt a seat’ which aim was to replace old ICA seats with the ones from theatre.

“Internal designers = decision makers”,- Sarah Boris.

’24 hour zine’ is an another collaboration that Sarah Boris had with the students that were to produce publications within 24 hrs where she’s been asked to produce the cover but at the end made one of the students to stay and instead making the work for them she collaborated and pushed them forward instead. Great thinking!

“Work with what you’ve got”

ICA re-brand that Boris was talking about was helpful in a way of getting brand’s identity solved through its closest surroundings. She started re-brand work focusing on the feedback from the all of buildings staff because the aim of the brand is for it to tell the story. Decision of putting up everything in black & white was due to love of it and economical restraints also it made it a logical decision due all of the exhibitions being extremely colourful so the catalogues would not end up looking too messy but instead in order and clear. ‘Work with what you’ve got’!

Sarah Boris also introduced to the fun hard brainstorming projects she’s done such as ’Bread’. Which I think got stuck in my mind the most due to the different techniques and processes from making the cover for the book to the photos that would be used. Also enjoyed the stories about her freelance work that she’s doing for herself in her free time. I think Sarah is a very aspiring artist and designer that is a part of the tutors at the Cass.

Thanks for the great talk!




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