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admin / February 9, 2016 / Project 5, Visual Research and Blog

Looking at the digital processes and moving image (animation, film) and how they are used to tell a story.

This brief asks us to tell an existing story found in newspapers, herd stories spoken by local residents, someone’s biography or local history. The task is to collect and write down the most interesting or important aspects of the story (either visually depending on the importance of the plot).

After the found story we are to create a narrative using digital processes. Deliverables could be a film, animation, app or game. I have decided to do an animation which is what I’m interested in exploring its different techniques and presentations. Thinking about the motion and sound to go with it.

This term we have one more studio leader Rachel Gannon joining us. Today we have been shown list of different animations that gave great examples of how to manipulate drawings into moving images digitally. One of my favourites were Dead Dog by Hanna Jacobs , Procrastination by John Kelly and Velocity by Karolina Glusiec.

This brief is great place to try find and learn new things.

Whole watch list :

La Jetee – Chris Marker

Procrastination – Johnny Kelly

The man with the beautiful eyes

Dead Dog – Hannah Jacobs

Karolina Glusiec – Velocity

Alice Dunsheath

Molly Crabapple

Theo Chin

Adam Curtis – All watched over by machines of loving grace


William Kentridge – Documentary ‘Pain and Sympathy

Automatic Writing




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