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admin / January 26, 2016 / TERM 2: PRINT, Visual Research and Blog

‘Poster design is an art with a very rich history, helping to inform people, advertise products and to start revolutions’ ,- Introduction to the Brief 1

Our new brief for the second term is to analyse the collected information and understand what is communicated through research, exploring the visual language.

Our task is to create series of posters (minimum of two) which inspires, warns, informs, sells an aspect of the local area to a particular audience (which will be defined in the process).

Identify something in the Local Universe that is in the area of interest. It might be a characteristic of the area, a particular building, a series of events put on by an organisation, etc. Thinking where and how posters are used.


2 posters minimum using on of these print processes:

  • screenprinting
  • risography
  • letterpress
  • relief printing


  • blog post containing research task
  • at least ten pages of development work in sketchbooks


  • posters can be A3 or A2



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