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admin / October 25, 2015 / Design Competition, Visual Research and Blog

A talk and exercise bringing up examples about presentation techniques and identifying tasks with Ricardo Eversley. 

Pitching is the most stressful but rewarding thing if you do it right. While doing a pitch everything you do is on a high importance note. Everything comes into consideration about you in audiences or one person’s eyes only. So, what are the most valuable things to know when pitching?

There certainly are techniques that could be widely used by anyone. First, try to be as concise and clear as possible. These two affect your speech the most, the tone and pace you speak will be herd by the listener accordingly. Be informative, clear, bring up questions and answers, make it more personal. Do not forget to articulate while presenting what you are pitching about. It will attract listeners eyes and make him be interested more in what you are talking about. Interact with the audience too by passing the presentation object around. What is so special about what you present? Make it a confident talk with clear thoughts flowing, be prepared to make an eye contact and engage within whole room. Also, do not forget about : clothing, to make your research so you know the scenario that is pitched about, to showcase who you are on a personal level.

Presentation should include the following things. When presenting a brand campaign, consider things you are planning on developing, pitch about that depending on the type of the presentation, which way suits it best. Think about what will be set on the screen presentation depending on what will be shown. Also, identifying goals and beliefs of a client helps to communicate the message more concise. Identify the story and audience include outlining the importance of being inspirational by engaging people’s voice with audio, using mood boards in the video, using an influential key point of the shown person/role of the leader. Aim to be different and make the person believe to the visual’s accessibility. When presenting logos and logotypes use the principles and show what is going into creation of it. Using stories and making them seasonal / story lining, being illustrative goes a long away.

To sum up the session was clearly needed and helpful for all the students and me to get that pitching on a higher level. To forget how frightening that is and start to enjoy it by engaging in all the techniques presented above.


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