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Portfolio talk, brief and inspiration

admin / November 2, 2015 / Design Competition, Visual Research and Blog

On friday Cecilie gave us an informative talk on how to prepare our portfolio in it’s best shape. New brief to make a video and my inspirations so far. Also, watching the ‘Beautiful Losers’.

Portfolio – has to be the way you want it to be, showcase different type of work within the different sections made in it. It is best if bringing original work is available rather than a print of a print. Set your own brief in a direction you would like to work.

Brief – to make a video as a ‘kickstart’. Due within 2 weeks. Why do that? Because it is a great way to represent yourself. Perfect professional practise, describe the created project in how to realise it, how it works. Good idea is to find a solution to a problem and base the project on it. It is about creation and how to make it happen.

The Beautiful Losers – some great quotes and doodles of the rebellious inspiring artist movie :

dc dc2

The video – currently thinking of doing it in a digitally illustrative style because that would showcase my way working in best way. Here is a little bit of inspiration I have found this morning on twitter via @itsnicethat, here’s the link to their  article & jumping straight to the video !


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