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admin / October 16, 2015 / Design Competition


An inspiring talk by Cecilie Barstad. Exercise / workshop to kickstart lessons about improving portfolio and presentation skills.

Talking about blogs that have well presented digital portfolios using them as great examples of what a professional blog could look like via 

These included were from simple and easy navigation such as in product designer’s blog of Bjorn Meier which has a very systematic approach to ordering his posts in lines and by creating few buttons made to navigate on a homepage which makes it easy to use. 

The blog that really caught my eye is dedicated to beautiful illustrations of snacks, most probably because I enjoy to illustrate food too. It’s founders Alexander Barrett and Brad Simon created Snacks Quarterly in order to share their love for snacks. What I like about their blog that it has its logo and is easy to navigate by having contacts and the menu just above the logo as soon as you open the homepage. The whole blog is full of amazing food illustrations and posts done in different techniques such as drawing photo or text that is all tied up with one theme. Go ahead and visit them on

Just sharing some love for a snack along with these two.


Product design. When blogging it is important to put up only high quality photos of the designed products. Photos must be clean and tidy which makes the product stand out as a professional piece of work that would make people want it. There’s a great example of that on

Considering the hard copy of the portfolio is showcasing of who you are. Everyone could easily put up the digital portfolio but the way it’s handled and printed is highly crucial. It allows to personalise the viewers opinion about the quality of work and gives an ability to touch and sense it. Hard copy is leaving lots of space for creativity and has an enormous amount of possibilities of choosing the way to present. It could be anything from a box full of your ‘goodies’ or printed book in the unexpected way to navigate it. Just letting the imagination flow and do what is the better way to do it. What not to do is simple – the plastic that is wrapped around the print is not something people or interviewers would want to touch and see. Also, let’s forget about those black plastic portfolios and be creative together!

Along with that we had a chance to see each others portfolios that we have at the current stage. Getting to see and touch the portfolios was great, there were many great ideas in how to present such as a creatively printed books or crafted detailed portfolios that allowed to interact with them by opening different pockets and unwrapping.

Can’t wait to see the improvements of own and other people portfolios and see where our imaginations will lead us to!








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