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Talk session with the founder and creative director of the ‘Triple Double’.

Paul Jenkins was going through key points / ideas of the design process, it’s principles, where does it begins. Also, gave an inspirational examples of his own work.

What is the Triple Double? ‘It is a multi-disciplinary design studio, creating human and authentic conversations for brands, organisations and people.’ The studio is trying to keep on being small to create a collaborative conversation with each client and teams up with talented people regularly. Triple Double is specialising in graphic design, branding, art direction, campaigns, retail, digital, project curation and design exhibition projects.

Triple Double clients : adidas Originals, Airbnb, Boots, Boxfresh, The CASS, Clever Boxer, Design Museum, Ellesse, Foot Locker, Nike, Selfridges, Speedo and Thames & Hudson.


The process of design, main principles. Ideas discussed:

  1. ‘Immersion. To become an expert, become an expert.’ ;
  2. ‘Collaborate. There is always a better designer, developer or client out there.’ ;
  3. ‘Create. Done is better than perfect. But pursue perfection and play with it.’ ;
  4. ‘Edit. Eliminate the distracting words, images and details.’ ; ‘
  5. ’Then experiment and create your own process. “Stay small, agile and be the best you can be’ ;

How to begin?

  1. Process apart from final piece is also important to show who you are to the clients
  2. Process is infinite and should never stop being developed
  3. Designer and the project should be worked on as a relationship
  4. Show and tell your process only when it’s relevant


  1. Understand and rewrite it.
  2. Start a conversation about it with the tutor, client or colleague.
  3. Explore the brief collaboratively
  4. People are more important than ideas (without the right team you can’t make the right idea)

Paul Jenkins also spoke about his stories on ‘Speedo Swim Generation’, ‘Sneakers : The Complete Limited Editions Guide’ , ‘Nike78’.

Paul gave a good ideas further such as to develop our projects, to collaborate in every step of the way. Testing the project is important, different audiences see different things. Bring up the personality and interests into your projects, design should be fun! Process is infinite.

A definitely inspiring talk on design processes and more.

twitter: @Triple_Double_

images used : featured image taken via here.

nike78 image captured via nike78 website.


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