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This quick session was to explain the process of creating a puppet for animation purposes.

Creating every single piece from scratch/drawing to a puppet’s armature. The first step is to scale the character. As a rule it is best if the size of the draft/drawing would be no bigger than A4 but also to try to overtake the space. The scale of the real life puppet is followed by drawing’s size which makes it easier to contain the proportions.

2015-10-02 12.55.48

  1. the thicker wire you use, the harder and higher tension appears when trying to bent it
  2. thinner wire determines the weight
  3. aluminium wire + box wood + styrofoam are best materials to use
  4. A4 size paper for sketch
  5. not to swirl a hole in the box but better to push it through because it could ruin the box wood
  6. use hot glue to attach, plus it works great to build up some mass around the wires
  7. liquid latex + acrylic are best for painting the puppet

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