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First term of the studio Local Universe is a period of observations, lots of sketches and collecting material that will be a useful starting point for the further projects. Curated by Nous Vous and Emily Evans.

The very first task given this year was to explore into the Local Universe. By doing that we went on a journey through the area near our CASS faculty of London Metropolitan University on a commercial road. It was set as our local universe to document via photographs and drawings.


Documenting the buildings. While getting into the universe of local buildings task asked us to take a look at how does the building function, its structure, surface and how it affects it’s surroundings. In order to do so, we had to take a visual journey and document it in our sketches. The more sketches, the better and wider area of understanding the building itself.

Though the fight with the cold weather, it could not stop from wondering around to find building that would caught my eye. Some of them were modern, old or with a certain mystery behind them. I was fascinated by how different types were next to each other.

My favourite building to explore was the Pinchin and Johnson 1859 building located on a Pinchin Street Whitechapel. It has that creative/historical/factory and sort of magical atmosphere that surrounds with its white crossed windows and green part of trees next to it. Here below you can see a photographs and a sketch of it that I made while looking at it.


Within my sketches I have tried to not go into the details of the buildings but rather take a quick whole first impression and how I see it as a whole in its environment, what is the scale, if there are any other buildings that surround it wether next to it or somewhere in a background. Suddenly I saw them as a boxes or huge structured cubes. So due to that drawings appeared to be abstract and consisted of impressionistic lines.


The walk around Whitechapel was followed by sketching and drawing a moving environment while taking a ride via the DLR stations of Shadwell to Tower Gateway. By only one stop going on and on again drawing process was confusing and fun at the same time. Lines became more and more abstract as the train was going faster but followed by that the lines of the moving buildings appeared really dynamic on the paper of my sketchbook which is not that bad after all taking it was a new experience and would love to try continue it again on my daily journeys. Below you can see one of the drawings made on the way to Tower Gateway.


After this fun session and a great start to learn more about observation of the environment we had a critique back in our studio Local Universe. It was great to see the examples at the end of the day from other students, the way they explored the area. Some photographs taken while the discussion at the end of the journey you can see below.

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