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admin / November 10, 2015 / Visual Research and Blog

Documentation of Tuesday visits to chosen galleries and favourite pieces.

This Tuesday I chose to go to LIK + NEON and YCN galleries.



Really lovely small print shop on the corner of Brick Lane.

Russel Taysom ‘Doctor Who’. 25/40 edition, A3 portrait, printed on a thick carton paper.

This one caught my eye by attraction to it’s vibrant colours and crazy characters with even more weird names. I enjoy characters and popping colour palette so it was definitely my favourite at Lik + Neon. Characters were sketchy and creating this live poster look alive.

Damien Borowik ‘Japanese Landscape’, 2014. ~A2 landcape, 5/25 limited edition, poster made with using special handcrafted drawing machine.

This was second I liked a lot due to its difference among others within the depth and abstract feel creating a beautiful image of a landscape. Again, two colours dominating as in the previous one by Russel. Yellow and blue works so good together and the spacing of the poster leaves it looking neat and works out pretty well.


To begin with, absolutely amazed by the variety of quality posters of a different kind stored at YNC! A-must-visit.

James Dave ‘U Must Lust’. Limited edition Giclee Print.

Absolutely this was the love from the first sight, the colours, technique everything screamed of passion, rebel and pop art. Abstract, modern, digital, involving collage and a kinky piece of gradient. Stands out of the others with the vibrancy and strong accent of blue, also white walls of YCN makes it stand out even more.

Daniel Frost ‘Haircuts of Hackney’, #2. Printed by Hoxton Mini Press. A5 + amazing interaction when opening the pages are connected to each other and make great unfolding process.

This book has a variety of colourful abstract people haircuts illustrations. Hackney was the first place I lived when moved to London so it made me feel kind of closeness and sympathy to it. Colourful piece works so well within the concept of putting different various haircuts into one major theme.

For more information about these galleries/shops please visit LIK + NEON and YCN websites.



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