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Last Friday’s HOTHOUSE talk was given by an amazing young artist Joe Cruiz who shared his experiences working as a freelancer and gave some great tips on how to ‘make it’ in the industry.

Joe has a a background in Graphic Design and Illustration and is a Norwich University of Arts graduate. His interests are based on the printmaking, life drawing. After graduation he led a visual diary project to continue on creating, did lots of sketches and kept documenting his travels. At first he admitted in doing more work in B&W but after decided that he needs to move forward which was led by his explorations in colour and layering techniques. Later on Joe decided to make a satirical journal for children to introduce them to the fashion world in a fun playful way by doing silkscreen prints. Joe Cruz was also one of the selected artist among few others by D&AD New Blood. After this ‘break’ into the industry he got his first contract and what he suggests us is to be open to opportunities and get a job related to art such as galleries etc. Another advice is to keep documenting works, to research an art history and look up for the inspirations. Next important thing is to join a studio (which was the printmaking one that he got into), to self initiate work. For example, he created silk scarfs on celebrity culture. Joe admits it is crucial to keep on contacting people, e-mail and to use social media as a tool for discovering galleries, networks and take a personal approach upon it. Joe Cruz first commissioned to House of Fraser that were looking for the recent graduates which led to the achievement of professional commercial artwork. Then his work has developed into fashion, more energetic work. YCN has been the best experience in the area of internships that he’s done.

If you don’t value your work people will take an advantage of it.

It is important to know that your work is valuable even if it’s unpaid. Therefore, try to seek for internship that would be in the area of the interest, Joe suggests. Apart from e-mailing, get the work out by using design websites and send something you’re really proud of.

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