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admin / October 17, 2015 / Visual Research and Blog

The very first HOTHOUSE talk by Emily Gosling, an online editor at It’s Nice That. About the wide audience, inspirational flow, events, daily posts and communication.


In Emily’s talk she noted that posting / every publication is a business. Integrity is at a high importance due to the wide audience of readers and publicity. It is also useful to follow and write down some statistics that makes it easier to recognise what readers are most interested in, track the popular posts / themes and that brings a part of being on trend and related. It’s good to design content few days in advance.

Emily also gave us some tips on writing our blog and getting inspired to do so. It is really important as a writer to have less ego and more keen to explain things to the reader. This could include what and why you liked it and let the work do the talking.


It’s Nice That get their content from reading emails, checking social platforms that are good to showcase art such as Tumblr and Flickr, also they get recommendations from across the studio. But most fun and important one it meeting the people! Often that could be just unexpected ones that could lead to future collaborations and projects. The key is to be as friendly as your design and get to know people.


It’s Nice That are creating useful and inspiring events. Nicer Tuesdays are series of talks run to speak about theme / design / visual culture and is happening every month.  They also have a conference every year that highlights the work flow from various people. These types of events are important so you could not only read from their blog but also get to know the artists.


An amazing opportunity given in May when they open entries for the students who have graduated to get a chance to be featured. It’s the annual showcase of UK art and design students who just graduated. Space and number of students are extremely limited but that is what it makes it more special to be championed on It’s Nice That!




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