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admin / November 8, 2015 / Project 4, Visual Research and Blog

Looking beyond and turning attention for something strange, unusual, the forgotten or accidental in our local universe. Discovering key holes and chicken boxes.

Things to look at : strange, unusual, forgotten, accidental or overlooked. Thinking about the perspective, scale, time.. These ‘things’ could have been event image object or situation.

My found objects were located in Algate East and Whitechapel area.

Mainly unusual was a key hole I saw randomly placed in a high but reachable height just opposite the Aldgate East. It suddenly got me thinking what is that for, where the key to it could be found to open whatever was hiding underneath it.

Few steps away I got lucky enough to spot an accidental event poster sticked with the tape on the ground. It said within big letters ‘FACE UP’. I found the whole thing weird of looking down to see the poster when it suggests me to ‘FACE UP’…

So I head to the station and see two girls in a really unusual way. Here’s the situation – a girl with super high heels barely able to stand jiggling around her whole body in order not to fall while holding her friend to keep the balance that has the comfortable autumn shoes on. Just turning yourself to actually see the whole picture which seeing is highly strange even though we could see it every now and then.

But the best story has happened completely accidentally and within each minute it ‘smelled’ as the weirdest thing I could’ve found but at the same time being in a right (not) place within the right timing. So I go into the Aldgate East station to catch a train and suddenly I see hammersmith & city line train as I start running. All happy faced I hear that the next station is Whitechapel which makes me realise I’m in the wrong direction… stepped out on Whitechapel all inspired after the ‘weird’ brief talk previously on that day I head to hunt down something and turn this whole irritating accident into a lucky one. I let myself not to think too much and just wonder for whatever catches my curious eye. As I go by the bench inside the train tube I see a used and forgotten chicken box. No idea why, but must have been a good story intuition I start sketching it and write down things as I see and smell a young guy passing by with a fresh box of the chicken box. BAZINGA! Immediately I knew that I want to write this whole situation of forgotten and new, of smelly and tasty smell, the life of a chicken box! Does it really belongs there, underneath the seating bench in train station? How did it got there? What could be the story behind or the further one ahead for that fresh box?





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