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admin / March 22, 2016 / Design Competition


This year’s challenge I chose to compete in, within the D&AD Awards, was the brief created by Design Bridge.

Task was to aim and create new-to-world / mass-market beauty brand that would break the established stereotypes, a body image, environmental concerns or any other relevant issues in the world of beauty branding. According to the brief, product had to fit in all gender and age identities, to be a brand that reflects on modern thinking beauty industry wise.

Within this given brief I chose to reflect my beauty brand on environmental and health issues that would consider the health of every being in this planet. More people each day become aware of environmental issues, of what they are putting onto their bodies and wether the product is ethical itself.

I based my beauty brand on the ethical reasons of creating the product where no animal were to suffer, that would fit everyone’s needs and had no gender stereotypes within. Research showed that even though EU has banned beauty products to be tested on animals, big companies still do continue to test them outside the Europe in countries such as China where this cruelty is still legal. Furthermore, I have been inspired by cruelty free makeup since when working in beauty industry I have been asked by the customers many times whether product was tested or not on animals. This again shows a huge demand in solving this issue from the customer’s point of view.

Design Bridge brief’s essential parts of the brief were to find a name that would reflect brand’s values. Finalised logo was inspired in the process of researching the natural ingredients that would not contain any animal use within them. Main ingredients of the three products are to include only organic natural fruits and oils such as coconut, jojoba, cacao, mint. ‘Body Ethics’ is aimed to be simple, recognisable brand name that would represent the ethical product line for the body.

beauty ethics logo-01

Mandatory outcomes for this brief were to solve it via 8 images or less.

Here is my deliverables for this competition:




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