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admin / September 30, 2015 / Visual Research and Blog


Matthew’s talk has been really aspiring in a chance to see compare and discuss different designs of a record sleeves. Some of the main key points were that packaging is well important and could be categorised in many different groups.

Each sleeve has its own individuality and expressing itself in many ways. Some of them had the whole band photo other bands not only did not want to put themselves on a sleeve but made their band’s name a little bit hidden. Where others had made a risky step and have a created a certain symbol for the band and use it as only piece of image on a record sleeve, surprisingly it works magic (‘Pink Floyd’, ‘Arctic Monkeys’). Designs could vary from really artsy ones whereas a musician also represents himself as an artist. Some are over the top as over acting and being portrayed as someone else, some chose their record sleeve to be true/real without any edits just the way they are.

A particular idea pops into my mind – could the record sleeve’s design contain more ‘noise’ than the record itself?..


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